Mediterr J Rheumatol 2022;33(2):232-6
The Impact of Colchicine on COVID-19 patients: A Clinical Trial Study
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1Pediatric Department, Bouali Children`s Hospital, Ardabil University of Medical Sciences (ARUMS), Ardabil, Iran

2Department of Community Medicine, Ardabil University of Medical Sciences (ARUMS), Ardabil, Iran

3Pediatric Department, Bouali Children’s Hospital, Ardabil University of Medical Sciences (ARUMS), Ardabil, Iran

F Salehzadeh


Background: Severe acute respiratory syndrome due to COVID-19 infection has evolved into a global pandemic. This study has been designed to evaluate colchicine as an anti-inflammatory agent among COVID-19 patients regarding the disease course, duration of hospitalisation, and its morbidity and mortality rate. Methods: This prospective randomised and double-blind clinical trial study included 100 COVID-19 hospitalized patients with moderate symptoms from May 21 to June 20, 2020. They were randomised in a 1:1 allocation to placebo and colchicine groups plus recommended standard guideline and protocol of health system. Colchicine 1 mg has been taken daily for 6 days. All data including associated symptoms, co-existed disease and duration of hospitalisation evaluated initially, and then 2 weeks after discharge; moreover, their mortality and morbidity, re-admission, and deteriorations of symptoms were assessed during this period. Results: 59% were female with median age 56 years old. There was no significant difference between them in terms of age and sex. Two groups did not show significant difference about underlying diseases and various clinical and para clinical findings evaluation. However, there were significant difference in colchicine group regarding for shorter duration of fever (P<0.05) and hospitalisation (P<0.05). Although in colchicine group dyspnoea improved more rapidly than the placebo group, it was not meaningful. Conclusion: Colchicine can be effective in amelioration of systemic symptoms and duration of hospitalization probably by inhibition of inflammatory biomarkers in COVID-19 patients.

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Article Submitted: 9 Feb 2021; Article Accepted: 15 Jan 2022; Available Online: Jun 30 2022


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Keywords: COVID-19, colchicine